Yoga – Ride – Bake Bread 13th April


Why combine these 3 very different things?  They all offer a chance to focus on something other than our chattering mind.  We leave our day to day worries behind and focus on the here and now.

Yoga to support our mind and bodies on the bike or making bread.

Mix, shape, flavour a traditional focaccia bread, to take home. A gluten free option is available too.

Ride in the Wye Valley, appreciate the bluebells just beginning to come out, enjoy company with other fabulous women.

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What does the day involve?

We start the day at 9:30am sharp.  We will have all of the ingredients necessary to make your bread, you just need to bring a pan to bake it on. (You can bake at the venue while doing the afternoon yoga, or wait and take it home to bake there).

10am Morning wake up our bodies yoga.  Taking the simple steps of making bread and weaving them into our practice. Preparing your body to enjoy your ride.

10:50 – 11am – Time to turn, touch, understand what your bread has been doing.

11am until 3/4pm – We ride and explore the Wye Valley.  2 ride levels are available. Beg/Int, and Int/Adv. (Please bring packed lunch for the ride, we will provide cake..)

4pm  we shape our bread.  In those riding hours the air, yeast, and flour have created magic, we now put our mark on it.

4:15pm to 5pm. A restorative yoga, to calm our bodies after riding our bikes


Why Focaccia?

Focaccia is the perfect beginner’s bread to make. It has 4 basic ingredients, needs no special tools, and there is no traditional kneading involved. And it tastes fantastic. There are only 3 steps, and then we leave it to do its thing in between.

We will provide all ingredients for making the bread, which will be a rosemary and sea salt version. If you prefer to make your bread with something else, sun dried tomatoes, olives, etc, feel free to bring that with you.

You need to also bring a simple 9×12 baking sheet with a lip.  Commonly called a jelly roll pan. You do not need to buy one for this, anything similar to the size and shape will do.

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13th April


Begin/Int, Int/Adv