Maintenance Evening POSTPONED


The evening includes 3 hours of bike chat, and problem solving. A drink of your choice and cake is included.  There will also be food to purchase as normal from Pedalabikeaway.  Arrive approx. 5pm, finish around 8:30pm.

We will cover some of the following:

  • M-check, trailside repairs, spares and other bits recommended to have and why – covers a little bit of everything.
  • Drivetrain – Cassette, chain, chainring, derailleur, cranks, pedals, bottom bracket.
  • Wheels & tyres – tube vs tubeless, spokes, valve types, using/replacing goo, treds for terrain, puncture repair, tyre replacement
  • Brakes – types, discs & sizes, pad replacement, tools, squeaks squeals etc, bleeding, cables, lever adjustment
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This is the chance to get those fears about fixing your bike out on the table. I learned to repair my bike by making mistakes, so many mistakes… but never with any catastrophic affect. 🙂 The result has been the knowledge and confidence to try something myself whenever something squeaks, wiggles, acts weird, or goes bonkers on the trail.  Here is your chance to have a little play yourself.

We don’t have to tear anything apart, but we encourage you to try. We will identify all of the parts for the system we are working with, discuss common problems/faults, how we would fix them ourselves, where to source parts etc. Or, we will simply learn how to confidently go into the bike shop and describe exactly what our bike needs.  This is about Q&A, and tinker and play with a supportive group.

You do not need any specific tools on the day, unless you have them. Every modern bike seems to have it’s own version of some, so we could never cover them all, but this is part of the learning too. If you have a multi-tool, a small tool kit, please bring them. You may not need/use it but it will be super helpful to the others to learn from.

After the evening you will be sent a recap of what was covered, with links and helpful videos to refer back to.

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8th Feb