British Mountain Bike Orienteering (FULLY BOOKED)


Have you been curious about what a navigation event involves?  We have teamed with Raven Adventures to offer RFC subscribers a free entry to the 4th February event. Its a great intro location just outside of Monmouth town center, at Rockfield Village Hall.

Event details can be found on SportIdent here.

Once you book, we will send you a code to get your free entry.

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What does this involve and what do I ride.

You can ride any off road bike, hardtail or full-suss.  We don’t recommend gravel bikes with tyres less then 40mm… it just isn’t that fun.  Ebikes are also welcome.

You are given a map, and you use your phone’s gps on MapRun.

You have 3 hours to visit as many checkpoints as you can and collect points. Choosing your route is key, some checkpoints are worth more than others.

If you are late back, you will loose points for every minute.

BUT…. this is chance to try this out, have some fun, with no real pressure. We want you to enjoy it, feel a little challenged, and want to come back for more.

You can ride alone, or with a mate, partner, or random person you meet.  No more than 2 persons to a group though.