Ride Free Collective creates community gravel, off road and mountain biking events for women. 

Our mission is to expand our, your, and every woman’s potential through cycling. Irrespective of age, race, class, body shape, mental or physical make-up.

We recognise the term woman as any person identifying as a woman. Our events and gatherings aim to equally welcome women, trans, non-binary and nonconforming people.


We gather to learn and grow together with support and empathy, on and off the trail. 

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We adopt a warm, safe and friendly approach to cycling that builds confidence and fosters lifelong friendships. 

We are working to empower women to create equality in cycling. Research shows that a woman’s confidence has a direct correlation to the likelihood of them taking up a new activity and thriving alongside their male counterpart.

Our women only events seek to encourage societal change whilst provide a safe space for women to learn and grow, to enable them to feel confident cycling with anyone, regardless of gender.

We support mental and emotional growth and skills-based development through engaging and fun cycling events. Collaborating with female guides, coaches, mechanics, manufacturers and athletes from across the country who have a fierce knowledge of cycling and a passion to inspire and educate others.  

Our gatherings focus on empowered learning to develop the confidence to Ride Free. We aim to encourage more women outdoors in a safe, friendly and fun environment. On a bike, with a map, with a pack, with a friend, or going solo.


We appreciate that cycling can often be inaccessible to marginalised communities. Due to economic status, geographical location, race, gender, physical ability / disability, mental health / confidence and self-esteem. 

As a CIC (community interest company) our commitment is to use the platform of Ride Free Collective to access and welcome marginalised communities. We aim to do this through: 

Gifted Event Spaces

At our community gatherings we offer gifted spaces for those individuals living within a marginalised community. You can self-nominate or nominate on behalf of someone you know. 

Kit Loan

Working with sponsorship from outdoor companies we can offer bike demos and kit hire, making our events accessible regardless of the kit needed 

Event Access

For our rural gatherings we connect event attendees for transport sharing through our community chat. We offer incentives for those using public transport and provide a shuttle service from major public transport drop off points.