How The Ride Free Collective Was Born…

From a shared love of the outdoors and a deep connection to the support and community cycling brings. We ride to be a part of something bigger. We ride to belong.

Each of us has experienced first hand the mental and physical benefits from cycling. The confidence and self esteem it brings as we take on a challenge or learn a new skill. The way we feel so at peace with how our body looks and feels when we ride. The laughter, whoops and jaw aching grins that emerge from an epic adventure!

When you feel something this good, you want to share it with anyone and everyone. We wanted to create a warm, friendly, space that encouraged women, trans, non-binary and nonconforming people to to get outdoors and ride.

It had to be fun, it had to have something for the nervous newbie to the seasoned rider, and it had to be a chance to grow and learn without the pressure of performance.

The Ride Free Collective Was Born.


MTB guide, gravel bike packing discoverer, single mom (never mum), web developer, wearer of 100 hats.

I love to ride, in the trees or mountains surrounded 100% by nature. I’m often quiet, away from the group, this is where I wrestle with my head until I put things right. Alone but not alone because I’m riding with my tribe.


Entrepreneur. Yoga and wellness coach, paddleboard guide, writer and author.

Riding is my healthy addiction, it’s my space to play and unwind; solo, with my bike fam, or with my pups. Riding is my form of moving meditation, it focuses my mind, challenges my fears and pushes my growth. It’s where I belong.


Writer, podcaster, editor and presenter with a passion for environment (and exploring it by bike!)

Riding for me is a way of connecting with nature, reconnecting with my senses and disconnecting with the stresses of everyday life. Getting out on my bike is like a deep breath of fresh air for the soul.